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Trust the licensed professionals at LP3 Electric to provide reliable, high-quality inspections, repairs, and installations for your home or place of business. Our wide range of San Antonio electrical services includes:

Rewire residential


Whether you’re just bought a new home, plan to build a home from scratch, or simply need to fix or upgrade a vintage home’s electrical system, we’ve got you covered. We can administer periodic preventative maintenance, troubleshoot electrical problems, and enhance old electrical systems to meet modern codes and needs.


Any productive modern-day workplace requires robust, reliable electrical service. We can update the electrical components in historic sites to make them both safer and more capable. Our expert technicians can also identify and fix frustrating problems such as frequent circuit overloads and potentially dangerous wiring damage.

Repair and Replacement

Breaker boxes, wiring connections, electrical insulation and other key components of your electrical system can all suffer from wear and tear. Some of them may even fail completely and/or prove inadequate for your household or business team. The experts at LP3 Electric can come to your rescue with timely, effective, cost-competitive repair and replacement services.

Panel upgrades

Panel Upgrades

Your home or business facility’s electric panel handles the electrical load for all your appliances. Over time, this key component can rust, scorch, or suffer other damage. Most electric panels need replacing after 25 to 40 years. But you might also need to upgrade your electric panel if your current panel can’t provide the amperage you need without constant (and annoying) overloads. We can recommend and install electric panel upgrades to more power and steadier performance.



Don’t assume that your home or business’s current wiring system is ready to handle whatever you throw at it. An older building may have outdated aluminum wiring (which can easily overload and cause fires), while newer ones commonly suffer from pest attacks and other kinds of wiring damage. Your previous electrician may even have wired or grounded some of your outlets incorrectly. Let our trained technician's make it right.

Surge Protection

Electrical surges and spikes can do serious damage to your electrical appliances -- but proper surge protection involves a lot more than simply plugging in some power strips. LP3 Electric can evaluate your current system and provide more effective solutions, from whole-house surge protectors and ground circuit fault interrupters to uninterruptible power supplies.

Security Lighting

Security lighting can make any home or commercial building safer against accidents, burglaries, and other dangers. Let the experts at LP3 Electric evaluate your premises, recommend the right solutions for your needs, and install state-of-the-art security lighting systems for your yard, footpaths, entrances, or parking lot.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans can bring energy-efficient comfort to your rooms, but don;t assume that their ease of use makes them a DIY installation project. Even if you’re just replacing an existing ceiling fan, you must know that your installation works with the system’s switches, wiring, and supports. At LP3 Electric, we know how to install ceiling fans quickly, correctly, and efficiently.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting adds warm accents to your home or facility while also providing extra illumination where it’s needed most. Rely on LP3 Electric to handle every aspect of your recessed lighting installation. We can evaluate the space, determine the right housings and fixture ratings, offer you a variety of product options, and give your installation the professional skill it deserves.

Home Generator installation and repair

A major power outage could leave you freezing in the winter, sweltering in the summer, or unable to make extended use of your power-hungry home electronics. Our team can eliminate this concern by installing a reliable, high-quality backup generator that keeps the power coming when the grid goes down. Once we’ve installed your home generator, you can rely on us to address any repair or maintenance necessary for year-round comfort, productivity, and peace of mind.

Inspection and Testing

Before we start any job, our licensed electricians in San Antonio make sure that they know exactly what services you need. We do this by performing a variety of inspections and tests, Visual evaluations, and general safety checks.

We stay up to date with all current zoning and industry regulations, which helps us to ensure that your home or business facility stays compliant with them, too. Our team is fully licensed and insured, giving you peace of mind and the reassurance that you’re always getting the very best service.

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